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  • Are you experiencing a major challenge, about to make a significant change, in transition, or would like to make positive changes in your life right now?
  • Are you stuck, struggling to achieve your goals, or making insufficient progress in areas such as your career, relationships, or personal life?
  • Would you like to change the course of your life so you can have a better, happier, more successful and fulfilling life?
  • Do you need motivation, guidance, support, and accountability to help you succeed even faster beginning from today?


"Transform Your Life: A 90-Day Program To Help You Succeed Even Faster" is for people who are ready and committed to making positive changes in their lives so they can succeed faster, achieve one of their goals (or part of a longer-term goal) within the next 90 days, and enjoy their lives to the full. This program is for you if you are willing to do what it takes to change the course of your life beginning from today!

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Godfryd Transformational Executive Coaching (GTEC) Program is customized, one on one, results-oriented, and life-changing.  It is based on a holistic approach to individual development and performance improvement. The program is structured to help individuals make positive changes, maximize their potential, achieve their goals, and make a more meaningful contribution to their organization. 

Who is this coaching program for?

Godfryd Transformational Executive Coaching Program is specifically for executives, leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals who want to improve themselves, their performance, business, or organization. We help high performers, those who want to be high performers, and those who are stuck and ready to rise to the next level. We help our clients become star performers who shine brighter at work. If you are ambitious, willing to learn and do what it takes to be more successful, then this program is for you.

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  • Would you like to increase revenue from your business faster?
  • Not sure where and how to decrease or manage cost?
  • Do you wish you had more resources so you can make your business more successful?
  • Do you feel stressed, discouraged, or unhappy because you are struggling to achieve your performance objectives or business goals?
  • Would you like guidance and support to help make your business more profitable within 8 weeks?

If you answered “Yes” to one or more of these questions, then you have come to the right place. .

The Profit Accelerator: An 8-week Program To Help Your Business Succeed Even Faster" is a rapid implementation program for business leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs who want to increase profit within 8 weeks so they can can excel at work, reduce stress, improve work-life balance, make their businesses more successful, and achieve their goals faster!


What makes this program different...

Our Profit Accelerator program is based on a unique, holistic approach that goes beyond increasing revenue and managing cost to increase profits. We include other critical success factors, especially the role of human resources or people, to make this program most effective or optimal.

We believe that people are at the center of our business or organization and are critical to its success.

As such, we include areas such as customer/client satisfaction, employee engagement, performance improvement, and culture, all of which impact the financial viability of a business, especially profits.

Additionally, our Profit Accelerator program is facilitated by Dr. Nella Godfryd whose background is in business and education. Dr. Godfryd is very knowledge about every aspect of business, and has helped many individuals, businesses, and organizations succeed faster. You can read more about Dr. Godfryd below.

Our Profit Accelerator program will help you...

  • Be a more effective leader so you can excel at work, reduce stress, and improve your work-life balance.
  • Develop and implement a Revenue Acceleration Plan to help you increase revenue and cash flow quickly.
  • Launch a marketing campaign to increase sales and revenue within 4 weeks.
  • Reduce or manage cost faster and more effectively to help increase profits faster!
  • Increase the level of customer/client satisfaction so your business will increase revenue faster.
  • Increase the level of employee engagement so they can be more creative, productive, and successful, and help your business succeed faster!
  • Help your team and employees improve their performance so your business can be more profitable and successful.
  • Learn to create and sustain a high performance culture so your business can be more competitive and profitable.
  • Increase profit faster so your business can be more successful and achieve its objectives faster!
  • Transform your business into a more valuable asset with increase financial viability.

Here's what you will also get in our Profit Accelerator Program:

  • Personalized one on one coaching that will help you increase profits for your business faster. Coaching is done by phone, Zoom, or another free app if necessary.
  • Four 45-minute one on one coaching sessions (one per month) with your coach.
  • Access to The Profit Accelerator course by Dr. Nella Godfryd with a new module every week.
  • Assignments, assessments, and resources to help you achieve your goals faster. You will set and work to achieve a profit goal as part of this program.
  • Email access to your coach who will answer your confidential questions.
  • Guidance and support to help you overcome challenges, be more efficient and effective, and achieve your goals.
  • A trusted, confidential, professional coach to help you increase profits for your business faster!


Your Transformational, Business, and Executive Coach, Dr. Nella Godfryd

When it comes to helping others make positive changes, improve their performance, and achieve their goals, Dr. Nella Godfryd is one of the best. Dr. Godfryd knows what it’s like to lose almost everything, live in poverty, and struggle to survive. But she also knows how to set goals, make positive changes, work hard, and achieve those goals. You can read her story in her book, Transform Your Life: 7 Steps to a Better Life.

Dr. Godfryd’s qualifications include a B.Sc. in Economics & Accounting, an MBA in Marketing Management, a doctorate in Adult Education & Human Resource Development and a wealth of knowledge and experience in several industries. Her mission is to help others develop, succeed, and excel at work and in life.


Dr. Godfryd has worked in and with many businesses, organizations, and industries in the Caribbean and the United States. She has helped several individuals and businesses obtain funding to start or expand their businesses, and increase profits faster. 

Dr. Nella Godfryd has also helped many leaders, entrepreneurs, and executives, including some from Amazon, Apple, Burger King, Sandals Resorts, and Cable & Wireless (now FLOW) make positive changes, develop, improve their performance and achieve their career, business, and organization goals faster. Dr. Godfryd can help you do the same.

Here's what some of Dr. Godfryd's coaching clients said about working with her:

"Dr. Godfryd does an excellent job and helped me save my business. With her help we were able to increase revenue quickly and reduce our costs substantially. She also helped us improve our customer service and employees performance. I will always be grateful to her for going over and above what we paid her for, and helping us succeed faster." - S. Peters

“Thank you for your help in coaching me to be the best I can be personally and professionally. I owe much of my success to God and you. I could not have done it without you. Your passion and desire to help others succeed are remarkable. Keep up the good work and continue to help others succeed and transform their lives just as I have.” – J. Robinson

"If you get the opportunity to work with Dr. Godfryd, grab it! With her qualifications and experience in business and education, you couldn't ask for more. She over delivers! We were on the brink of bankruptcy, but found her just in time. I can't thank her enough for helping me turn my business around." - B. Sylvester

"I am extremely grateful to Dr. Nella Godfryd for helping me save my job and helping our company double its profits in 6 months. She is a no-nonsense person who will motivate, inspire, and help you do your best personally and professionally. I highly recommend her, but only if you are ready and committed to working to achieve your goals." - D. Winters


What about you? Are you ready to increase profits for your business faster?





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**Godfryd Transformation Services is a human resource development company whose mission is to help people develop, succeed faster, achieve their goals, and transform their lives, businesses, and organizations.


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