Get More Clients, Impact, And Income Faster In Partnership With God!

Stop hustling to grow your business by yourself.

Instead, end the frustration and learn to build your business on a solid, profitable foundation without compromising your values. Let's do great things together with God.

It’s your time to succeed and prosper.
Let's do it!

You are tired of:


  • Trying to grow your business by yourself - frustrated and fed up! You know there's more to it than this. God has called you to do great things with Him. You have His powerful Holy Spirit within you, and you know there must be a better way. You can feel it... And, you're right!
  • Following the latest marketing strategies and trends, listening to gurus who don't really understand your situation, have left you feeling burned out and discouraged.
  • Still not achieving your business goals is one of the worst feelings ever, because you know deep down in your heart that you're called for more. There's a fire inside of you, a passion, a determination, and it comes from the grace of God.

Now you are looking for a better way to:

  • Get more clients
  • Have more impact
  • Increase your income
  • Glorify God with your business
Well you found it! This is your program, and I’m going help you.

God and I both want you to succeed and prosper.

Once you do the work, you will get more clients, help more clients, increase your income so you can support the work of the Kingdom, help your special ones, do more of what you enjoy e.g., travel, volunteering, hobbies, and enjoy life to the full, while glorifying God with your business.

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Monthly Plan


  • 12 monthly payments 
  • Lock in your price for as long as you are a member 

Yearly Plan


  • One payment per year
  • Lock in your price for as long as you are a member
  • 2 FREE months included
  • FREE one on one coaching session 

Hi, I'm Dr. Nella Godfryd

Transformational Business Coach, Corporate Trainer, Speaker, Author

As a Kingdom Entrepreneur, I know what it’s like to grow a business and the challenges God’s people face. My background is in business and education. God has blessed me with a wealth of knowledge and experience in several areas, and I am very grateful! 

Together with God, I have helped businesses and entrepreneurs (including coaches, consultants, accountants, experts, and other service-based providers) generate over $150M in revenue while impacting many lives.

My mission and passion are to help Kingdom Entrepreneurs and Christian Business Owners get more clients, impact, and income faster in partnership with God and glorify Him as we do so!

Here’s a bold question for you:


What if you could stop chasing clients and
have a real business partnership with God so you can succeed faster
with more clients, impact, and a higher 5 or 6 figure income?

Keep reading and I’ll show you how I help
my clients succeed faster in partnership with God!

"My business has grown significantly by the grace of God and help from Dr. Nella Godfryd and I now earn over $10K per month. Her strategy sessions were excellent, and she always motivated me to be my best."

-V. Baptiste

So how exactly does it work?


All it takes are

3 Phases

to get more clients, impact, and income faster in partnership with God

Phase 1

Build a solid Kingdom Business Foundation

Phase 2

Construct the main Pillars for Business Growth

Phase 3

Soar to Kingdom Business Success...

7-Day Money Back Guarantee

"We did it! Thank God, we did it! We did over $1M this year! Girl, I thank God for you. I couldn't have done it without you and God. I don't know how to thank you enough, but I'll highly recommend you."

- E. Hobson

Welcome to...


The Kingdom Entrepreneurs Community Inner Circle

A 12-month membership program that will transform your business into a more profitable one as you get more clients, impact, and income faster in partnership with God!

Here is what’s included:

You will get access to


The Kingdom Business Growth Accelerator 

Phase 1

Build a solid Kingdom Business Foundation


  • PARTNER WITH GOD TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS you will get more clients, impact, and income faster!
    ... so you can grow your business God’s way
  • GET UNSTUCK OR MAKE FASTER PROGRESS you can start transforming your business into a more successful one
  • WORK ON FIRST 90-DAY INCOME GOAL & OFFER you can  get more clients and increase your impact and income as soon as possible

Phase 2

Construct the main Pillars for Business Growth


    ... so you can conquer negativity, limiting beliefs, fear, doubt and more
    ... so you are focused, take consistent action, and achieve your goals faster!
    ... so you can attract more leads and clients
    ... so you can close the sale and increase your income

Phase 3

Soar to Kingdom Business Success


      ... so you can automate and outsource some tasks and reduce your workload, saving you time and energy.
    • SCHEDULE, IMPLEMENT, & DELIVER MORE EFFECTIVELY you can be more focused, motivated, disciplined, productive and successful.
    • IMPROVE CLIENT SATISFACTION you can get great testimonials, referrals, attract and retain more clients
    • MANAGE YOUR KINGDOM BUSINESS STRATEGICALLY you increase clients, impact, and income faster in partnership with God

Join now and you will get ...

  • Access to The Kingdom Business Growth Accelerator Course (12 Modules)
  • Daily messages to motivate, inspire, and empower you
  • Weekly Prayer, Group Coaching & Q&A (3/month)
  • Live monthly training and implementation workshops
  • Private Community for feedback, support, accountability, networking, and collaboration
  • 31 Biblical Affirmations for Business Success
  • 10 Kingdom Principles to grow your business faster!
  • Strategic Planning Workbook
  • Client Acquisition Checklist
  • Sales Script
  • Financial Management Checklist
  • 10 Steps to achieve your goals faster!
  • Opportunity to earn as you learn
  • Early invitations to seminars, retreats, mission trips, and other events
  • Weekly opportunity to promote your business in our community - FREE 

Over $5,000 in value

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Prices are in US Dollars.

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A personal development course (12 Modules) to help you make even faster progress!

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"I made the changes you suggested and it transformed my business. Thank you for helping me double my income in 2 months. I was about to close my business, but thank God I didn't."

- R. Anthony

Frequently Asked Questions

"I thank God and Dr. Nella Godfryd for helping me with my business. She helped me with my business strategy, marketing, and motivation, and inspired me to grow my business to 6 figures in 6 months."

- M. Williams

Monthly Plan


  • 12 monthly payments 
  • Lock in your price for as long as you are a member 

Yearly Plan


  • One payment per year
  • Lock in your price for as long as you are a member
  • 2 FREE months included
  • FREE one on one coaching session

Imagine yourself one year from now, enjoying that success, all the clients coming into you, getting great results for them, having an ever-increasing income, doing great things with God and glorifying Him with your business, treating yourself and your special ones, and enjoying life to the full...

That’s what The Kingdom Entrepreneurs Community Inner Circle can help you do.

You will get business training, coaching, resources, support, accountability and more to help you take one step at a time to go from where you are, to where you want to be and fulfill God’s plan for your life and business. Join us and let’s make this year, one of your best ever!

We would love to help you succeed faster as a member of “The Kingdom Entrepreneurs Community Inner Circle.” 

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