7 Ways to Motivate Yourself

As an entrepreneur, business can be challenging at times. You and God are at the center of your business. God will do his part, but you, as a good steward, have to do yours.

Do you need some extra motivation?

Here are 7 ways to motivate yourself as an entrepreneur.

  1.  Have a written Strategic Business Plan and implement it.

Planning is a critical success factor. You know the old saying, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” There’s a lot of truth in this. Prepare your plan and implement it to the best of your ability. Let it include your business mission, values, vision, goals, strategy, and action plans. Focus on your Strategic Business Plan and do something to achieve your business goals every working day. If you need help preparing or revising your Strategic Business Plan, let me know.

  1.  Engage in motivational activities

What motivates you? Reflect on this, and write a list of things that motivate you and help you stay motivated. For some...

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More than $100K in 3 months

Was this supposed to happen?

Maria lost her full-time job when she was at the lowest point in her life. She had a side hustle as a Consultant and Coach, but with just one client. 

Maria could not buy enough food, pay rent, and the rest of her bills. She believed in God, but her faith was not strong. She was destitute and hungry...

 She also believed, based on the strange things that were happening in her life, that she was being spiritually attacked. 

When Maria told people what she was going through, they did not believe her.

Maria came to me for help and told me what was happening. At first I was shocked!

 But because I had experienced spiritual attacks myself, I understood what was happening to Maria. 

We prayed together and developed a plan for her to move forward. However, she did not want to do this alone and wanted me to be her coach.

I had a full-time job and was not working as a coach at the time, but I agreed to work with Maria only because she...

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3 Reasons why we need to include God in our businesses



Do you include God in your business?

Business can be challenging at times and there is so much that keeps us busy and can distract us from our God-given purpose. Sure, we are in business to serve others by solving their problems and adding value, but we can never be too busy for God who is never too busy for us. 

There are many reasons to include God in our businesses and I strongly encourage you to do so every day.

In this short video, I share 3 reasons to include God in your business beginning from today. Take a few minutes to look at it and then please share with those you think can benefit from it.

Also, if you are a service-based Kingdom Entrepreneur or Christian Business Owner and you have not yet joined my Facebook group, "The Kingdom Entrepreneurs Community", I invite you to do so today. 

In The Kingdom Entrepreneurs Community you will learn more about growing your business with God, receive encouragement and support, get the...

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Can You Please Help Me?

Do you enjoy helping others succeed? Sometimes we are so busy at work that we forget about others. I was busy at work when Reba visited me in my office, looking very sad. Now Reba is a beautiful woman who seemed to have it all. But, she did not. “Can you please help me?” Reba asked. “I really need your help to turn my life around quickly”, she said.

Reba was making insufficient progress in her life. She really wanted to change her life and be more successful. She had a temporary job, was 20 pounds overweight, and really wanted a family.

Reba sought my help and immediately became a client. As part of the program, I asked Reba to set a goal she wanted to achieve in the next 3 months. She decided to set 2 goals instead. Reba wanted to lose 10 pounds, and get a permanent job.

Although Reba enjoyed her temporary job, but did not believe that her company intended to offer her a permanent position. This was because there were many temporary workers in the company...

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8 Strategies To Succeed Faster Beginning From Today

Many people want to succeed faster, achieve their goals, and enjoy their lives to the max. Does that include you? If so, here are 8 strategies you can use to succeed faster and change your life forever, beginning from today!

  1. Understand why you are stuck or making insufficient progress and address the problem as soon as possible. 

If you don’t know what is causing the problem, then you cannot solve it. You will keep trying different things, but they may not work.

To solve the problem, you have to go to the root cause and then take corrective action. The faster you do this, the faster you will succeed. 

  1. Be very clear on what you really want and build and maintain a strong, burning desire to get it. 

What exactly do you want? 

Why do you want it?

Be very clear about what you want and why you want it, and strengthen your desire to get it.

Don’t say you want a car when you really want a new, white Mercedes convertible. You may get an old, black SUV...

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Make Positive Changes

When last did you try to change something about yourself and or your life? What was your experience in doing so? How much faith did you have in your ability to make positive changes? Sometimes we succeed in making positive changes, and sometimes we don’t, for various reasons. Change can be challenging at times and as humans we have a tendency to resist change.

I have found that I am most successful in making changes when I firmly believe that I can, and act on that conviction. I believe that I can, because of the power of God within me. This power is also within you, and you can use it to change yourself and your life.

Sometimes however, in addition to God’s help, we also need support from others. This is where Dr. Nella Godfryd and Godfryd Transformation Services can help.  Let us help you assess your life, identify areas for improvements, develop strategies for achieving your goals, and formulate action plans for doing so. We can help you make positive...

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Transform Your Life

How would you like to transform your life and live the life of your dreams? Many people want to change some aspect of their lives. Others prefer to transform their lives by making significant, lasting changes.

“Transforming your life involves going beyond the way you live, co-creating a better life for yourself, and changing the way you live. You do this by using your thoughts, visualization, words, faith, actions, or a combination of them. You use them to change some of what is happening within you and in your life, to co-create what you truly desire, and to live differently.

This process begins from within and results in significant changes in you and your life. As you change, your life will also change. You will have a better life. Your better life can be your best life ever—the life of your dreams. If you are going through a major challenge or several challenges, they may seem to go on forever, but as day always follows night, so too your breakthrough will follow...

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Enjoy Your Life

Do you wish you can enjoy your life more? You can, beginning today. Here's an excerpt from Enjoy Your Life to the Max by Dr. Nella Godfryd:

Many people struggle to enjoy their lives or wish they could enjoy them more. Some of the reasons for this are: (a) believing they need more resources, (b) wishing they had better relationships with others, (c) focusing predominantly on the past or the future, (d) not knowing how to enjoy their lives more, (e) needing to be reminded or motivated to enjoy their lives more, and (f) it is a challenge for them to enjoy their lives more…

If you are struggling to enjoy your life, or wish you could enjoy it more, then this book is for you. In it I share with you 31 free or inexpensive things you can do to help you enjoy your life to the max. Enjoying one’s life to the max means living fully and having the best possible experience that makes you happy. You do this on a daily basis. As you focus on living fully and having the best...

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