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High-Impact Leadership Training Workshop


Workshop Objectives: To help participants gain insight into their leadership abilities, identify areas for development, and learn how to become a better, more effective leader, and create a high impact on their business or organization.

Workshop Description: This 2-day Leadership Development workshop is designed to provide an overview of leadership theories and their applications, and the nature and requirements for high-impact leadership. It includes individual exercises, group sessions, and an Action Plan that participants will create for developing their leadership potential, becoming a high-impact leader, and creating a high impact on their business or organization. Participants will be given a 90-day challenge and will be asked to submit a report on their progress at the end of the 90 days.

Expected Learning Outcomes: Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:

(1) Understand the nature of high-impact leadership and its potential impact on their business or organization

(2) Understand the competencies and qualities of a high-impact leader and their own strengths and development needs in light of these competencies and qualities

(3) Deal more effectively with some common leadership challenges

(4) Develop an Action Plan for developing themselves as a high-impact leader who creates outstanding results in their business or organization.

Topics Include:

  • An Overview of Leadership Theories & Applications
  • How to improve the performance of your team
  • Competencies of a High-Impact Leader
  • Qualities of a High-Impact Leader
  • How to Become a High-Impact Leader
  • Self-Mastery
  • How to deal with some Common Leadership Challenges
  • How to create a High Impact in your Business or Organization

Our training workshops can be customized based upon an assessment of the needs of your business or organization, and conducted at a location of your choice.


If you are interested in our High-Impact Leadership Training or any of our training workshops, please  contact us.




“Thank you for your supervisory skills workshop. Since then I have been promoted and received an increase in salary. I thank you for your leadership in making my job easy and planning better.”

“The course content was on point. All areas were relevant and the pace was comfortable. I am thrilled to have attended this course and feel more confident in managing my team and training and developing my managers as well.”

“The leadership workshop was very interesting and enlightening. I learned a lot and am better equipped to lead my team. Thank you.”

“The seminar has opened my mind a great deal and it has me excited about what will happen next in my life as I start to use the information for my personal development and advancement. It has given me the motivation to excel at work and be the best and continue to be the best at whatever I do, but also not to leave others behind while pursuing development.”

Dr. Godfryd did a fantastic job engaging our group. I felt at ease expressing my ideas and concerns and have so many take aways from the session. I hope to attend another one in the near future.”

“It was very meaningful to all of us. Well done! The sessions were wonderful”

“Thank you for your help in coaching me to be the best I can be personally and professionally. I owe much of my success to God and you. I could not have done it without you. Your passion and desire to help others succeed are remarkable. Keep up the good work and continue to help others succeed and transform their lives just as I have.”

J. Robinson

Coaching Client

J. Robinson

Coaching Client

“Thank you for coaching me! I didn’t think I needed a coach, but you were amazing. You have really helped me achieved some of my goals and be more successful.”

M. Albertson

Coaching Client

M. Albertson

Coaching Client

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